China Gas Holdings Limited

(the “Company”)

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

1. Purpose

Development in safety is the precondition and foundation of a company’s operations, as well as the key to our sustainable development. The Company and its entities (“China Gas Group” or the “Group”) adopt the safety policy featuring “Prevention Foremost, Safety First, Management Integrated & All Responsible” with the safety goals of “zero violations, zero injuries & zero accidents”. Towards such objectives, the Occupational Health and Safety Policy is therefore formulated.


2. Undertakings

China Gas Group is committed to achieving the following health and safety objectives:

·       The Group is committed to the constant improvement of its occupational health and safety performance through self-assessment of occupational safety management and identification of improvement plans and directions.

·       The Group is committed to overseeing the implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy, with the highest commitment from decision-making bodies including the Board of Directors and executive management.

·       The Group has set quantifiable objectives to improve occupational health and safety performance, committed to achieving these objectives through the development of occupational health and action plans.

·       The Group is committed to ensuring that all employees understand this policy and are implementing it in their business operations.

·       The Group is committed to consulting employees and contractors to assess and improve this policy. Employees from various departments are participating in the development, planning, implementation, performance evaluation, and improvement of the policy and related management systems.


3. Policy

This policy is ISO 45001 certified. It is developed in reference to relevant international standards and regulations of OHS and is a normative document for all employees, contractors, suppliers, service providers and users.

·       The Group requires project companies to sign safety agreements with contractors or clearly incorporate safety responsibilities and clauses in contracts.

·       The Group provides occupational health and safety trainings to employees and other relevant parties and holds regular safety production meetings to enhance employees' safety awareness and improves its safety emergency response capabilities.

·       The Group, with its own emergency response plans, conducts regular emergency capability assessments and drills, revises emergency plans and improves emergency systems to prepare for emergencies.

·       The Group formulates and maintains risk management requirements, sets risk control measures for identified risks, analyzes and aggregates company risk assessments, and conducts regular inspections to identify potential workplace risks.

·       The Group formulates and decomposes annual safety targets, defines the priorities of action plans, guides the development of safety programs, and supervises program implementation.

·       The Group assesses and evaluates how well objectives are fulfilled in preventing health hazards and reducing safety risks.


4. Employee Guidelines

Any health and safety risks or accidents discovered or experienced by employees within the Group, including work-related injuries, illnesses, and accidents, must be reported to the department supervisor concerned or management for investigation by the Group.


5. Date of Adoption

This policy was issued for implementation in December, 2022, and will be updated in due course.